Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Power of Youth

Case study: PPIA



I need to emphasise here that I wasn't (and still are not) politically active when I was in the universities I studied in. Hence I even hated everything to do with politics. The fact that Indonesia is still one of the most corrupt countries in the world fuels my dismay of politicians. Yet they seem to stand tall and mighty in front of the people they're SUPPOSED to serve. (Disclaimer: I suppose a portion of these people are honest people who really work for their COUNTRY)

I've been conversing with my close friend about these problems and the way out of this for a while now, but never seemed to find the solution except for TIME. In time, all of these people will be left out and good countrymen finally serve our country well.

So, what's the change of heart?

Bachelor Days

Just like most Indonesians, I blitzed thru mydays uneventfully and filled with assignments and exams. In several occasions, I heard stories about my mates who were politically active got pressured from rectorate because of their failing grades and I thought why you bothered protesting / demonstrated when at the end of the day you'd get kicked out of the school.

For years I was oblivious to the answer and (perhaps) just found about it recently.

PPIA 2011

Just before Easter break, I read the news from various online sources that our member of parliaments (DPR) would go on a comparative study to Australia. In this instance, they were closely monitored by PPIA (or known as Overseas Indonesian Student Association Alliance - OISAA). From the day they arrived till now, PPIA fearlessly monitored and finally submitted their 5-point Evaluation of the comparative study.

Not until a YouTube video about DPR's blatant lie about their email address did PPIA catch the media's attention. From then on, it was like an avalanche. The video viewers number was multiplied astronomically. The media hounds DPR ferociously seeking answers ranging from the truth about the email address to the effectiveness of these comparative studies. When this article was written, official figures stood at 15 billion rupiah  for what many people refer to simply DPR travelling.

I can say that it's a small 'victory' for PPIA in invading the realms of DPR's imperviousness. For years, I was under the illusion that DPR was like an impenetrable fortress that symbolised the penultimate power- and $$$-hungry mongrels. But I was wrong! Here I witnessed that they can be grilled!

The Power of Youth

It has always been the youth since the dawn of history! However, there's a small difference here. Without belittling my mates' works in revolutionising the 'Old' orders of Soeharto, but their work in this reformed era face a much tougher challenge from multiple fronts: the national kings, the provinces, and even their own life.
PPIA has a unique position in which they're still Indonesia's youth institution yet they are immune to those kings and can relatively voice their concerns in a much 'neutral' soil. I'm not saying that we're trying to hide under the circumstances, but I believe it is a 'fair' playing field where our voices are TRULY heard. 

Furthermore, flows of information in these countries are more advanced and much faster than that of Indonesia. Thus, we can actually gauge the true ability and intention of our representatives without the fear of 'intimidation'. It doesn't necessarily mean we can freely 'piss them off', but it is a massive step towards control mechanism for our DPR. 'We will be watching!'

Conclusion (and a Comparative Study of the units of DPR)

My utmost respect goes to PPIA in positively evaluating the effectiveness of our DPR. I understand that this might only make them 5% better, but we can take all the percentages to make Indonesia better and they can possibly inspire the rest of our countrymen to continually monitoring our DPR's work.

At the end of the day, we're all love our country and would really hate to see some individualistic, egocentric people rule her to the wrong direction. And I havent even started talking about the corruption.

In an addition to my original writing, a different commission came to Australia just after that ‘bunch’ left. It was a totally different atmosphere and reviews had been glowing on how good he was and how our country was supposed to be run by more people like him. I still have yet to see, but I’m sure there will not be any war of words, any accusations of a certain political party is piggybacking the agenda. Just pure capability of oneself to govern our country! (We sure need more people like him)

Closing Remarks

I am not trying to jump on the bandwagon and I still don’t like how politics are being handled in our country. I just want shed some lights to my fellow countrymen that all hope is NOT lost. You CAN and are supposed to voice your concerns when the almighty DPR are derailed on their quest to build our beautiful country.
Thank you for your time and attention reading this note. May Indonesia can prosper and under guidance of God Almighty and great governments…