Thursday, September 27, 2012

The [VERY] dangerous nature of a rewrite

Saya baru menemui artikel yang sangat menarik karena hasil share Facebook-nya teman saya. Artikel tersebut dimuat di Intisari Online. Saya tertarik untuk membandingkan dengan sumber aslinya karena di akhir artikel ditulis sumbernya dari situs Live Science (meskipun tidak dikasih link asli-nya).

Memang artikel aslinya membahas 'manfaat' yang dibahas secara tidak scientific dari merokok tersebut, tetapi dalam penjelasan awalnya (introduction) disebutkan bahwa perokok hanya akan mendapatkan sedikit 'manfaat' tersebut jika dapat terhindari sakit kanker, sakit jantung,

Akan sangat bahaya sekali apabila artikel yang awalnya ditulis sebagai bahan yang bagus, bahasannya di potong dan kemudian diambil yang 'penting' saja, di publish untuk kemudian dibaca oleh khalayak ramai sebagai informasi yang valid.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pilkada DKI Jakarta

Ada tulisan menarik di Berita Satu tentang pemilihan kepala daerah DKI Jakarta yang penuh dengan hiburan politik.

Di artikel yang lumayan itu, ada dua paragraf yang menarik
Dukungan yang diperjualbelikan tak selamanya berkompensasi dengan uang, jabatan dan previlege. Imbalan bisa jadi dalam bentuk lain yang hanya partai-partai itu dan Foke yang tahu.

Tidak ada ideologi yang dibawa partai, partai hanya menawarkan pragmatisme demi mendulang suara. Partai-partai yang mengubah haluan dukungan itu pasti sedang bekerja keras menjelaskan kepada konstituen.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who is at fault? - Transport edition

Indonesians must have seen it as a 'normal' daily occurrence since 'that's how it always is', but yet the same issue persists.

In a situation where a bemo stopped to pick up a passenger in a narrow street... Traffic jam occurred (multiply by the number of bemo)

Who is at fault:
1. The driver since it was his job to pick up passenger
2. The passenger who waited wherever they felt like it (even in the middle of a junction) since there were no designated stops
3. The government for lack of 'bemo stop' and rule enforcement
4. The impatient drivers who created unnecessary tension?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Is this the death of Tolerance in Indonesia?

I am interested to revive this blog since I feel that there is one fundamental trait that Indonesians used to have and is currently eroding REALLY fast: Tolerance.

Tolerance in Wikipedia is described as the practice of permitting a thing of which one disapproves, such as social, ethnic, sexual, or religious practices. It is such a nice way to allow us to live in harmony and under our cultural norms that have existed for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately tolerance is sometimes misinterpreted and associated with permissive. Some people might be afraid that when we permit someone, it would mean unrestricted and unchecked freedom.

I left Indonesia seven years ago with this not so perfect attitude but possibly grasp the very essence of this tolerance. It meant a great deal to be tolerance especially when you are the majority. As a minority (which is my case in Australia), you can only be happy about the extend they 'allow' us to perform our religious beliefs. In this case, there are no restrictions for me to believe in anything.

Indonesians used to be known as the model for Muslim democracy, but as you can see from this article:, it seemed to no longer be the case. My biggest worry about this article is this quote 'By 2010, Indonesia had over 150 religiously motivated regulations restricting minorities’ rights.' Does this mean that Indonesia is converting to a Muslim country? What would happen to minorities in the future? Will we lose to Iran for this leader in Muslim democracy (

Will we have such a bleak future where people will start hating each other due to one's belief is fundamentally different than others. There was an example of Muslim minority, Ahmadiyah, that had three of their members killed mercilessly (WARNING: very graphic violence) while their killers were only punished with 3 - 6 months of jail time ( UNHCR had a report way back in 2005 about this issue,,,QUERYRESPONSE,IDN,,4b6fe1e82,0.html that could potentially save lives.

It's very sad and 'funny' to know when you can be jailed 5 years for DVD piracy and 3 months for killing someone.

Let us pray for Indonesia to have a better future and conflicts like the one happened in Syria ( can be avoided...